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I believe it’s possible for everyone to experience happy and healthy sexuality – and that when your sexual wellness is taken care of, pleasure and connection ripple across all areas of your life.
— Me!

I also believe everyone needs support with their sexual wellness and relationship at some point and that whatever you’re going through is perfectly normal.

Our bodies, desires, and relationships evolve over time and that is NORMAL, EXPECTED and WELCOMED.

I always say: “you don’t know what you don’t know” – and when it comes to sex, nothing could be more true.

Here is a brief look at what I have been up to and my journey.

My current work in sexual wellness:

Helping people work through their challenges related to sex and relationships through private counselling.

Continuing to create spaces for people to engage in refreshing, honest and fun conversations about sex through workshops, the SPARK festival, and other events.

Previously: I was the founder and chief maven of Lila Sutra, a sexual wellness pleasure products retail company. I loved this business and for personal reasons, I am in the process of transitioning out of it. I am and always will be a pleasure products geek!

Past Life: My 20s was spent "searching for who I am". Professionally, I was a management consultant for close to a decade with Accenture. I loved the people I worked with and my experiences there brought me to work in Toronto, Paris and Southeast Asia. If you're a corporate warrior, I definitely know how life is!

Interests (aka. what I can talk about for hours): sexual health, women's education and health in the developing world, sexual and gender diversity, female empowerment, reducing toxic masculinity, inclusion, preventing sex trafficking, mindfulness, yoga, coffee.

Questions people often ask

+ What did you study to do this work?

The formal training that qualifies me to work in the area of sex + relationship wellness include:

  • A Masters of Science in Medicine in sexual health counselling from the University of Sydney
  • Level 1 Training in the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy
  • Level 2 Training in the Gottman Method for Couples Therapy (in progress)
  • Qualified Gottman Seven Principles Couples Program Leader
  • Qualified Gottman Bringing Baby Home Couples Program Leader

Formal training aside, I believe that "studying" human sexuality is a life long journey and sexual wellness is an area I am constantly learning about - through my peers, readings, other sexual wellness entrepreneurs, and even from my clients.

I also believe that sex and relationships is not a silo-ed part of life. There are many other topic areas that we can learn from - for example, sustainability, fashion, nutrition, sports, etc.

+ How do I know if private counselling with you will help me?

The counsellor - client relationship is very special. Studies show that it is the most important factor that determines the success of therapy. So it is important that you feel comfortable with me and that you trust in the process we will go through together.

If we find that I am not the person who is best to support you with your challenges, I will definitely recommend a referral to a trusted professional in my peer network. This could be: another sex therapist, counsellors specialised in other areas, gynaecologists, physiotherapists, medical doctors, coaches, etc.

I am good at what I do, and what matters most is that you have the proper support to resolve the challenges that you have reached out to me for - regardless of whether it is through working with me or another professional.

+ What is a sexual wellness advocate?

Someone who spreads the gospel of how important sexual wellness is in our daily living! Sexual wellness is not just about sexual intercourse, nor is it just medical health. It is a holistic view that covers your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in relation to your sexuality, sexual and gender expression, sexual health, and relationships. I advocate for the inclusion of sexual wellness in conversations related to overall wellness, such as nutrition, spirituality, mental health, and physical health. It is all connected.

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A bit more, if you're curious...

My passion for sexual wellbeing started long before I became a therapist. I was always “that friend” bringing up sex. I didn’t feel embarrassed by it and my friends loved that about me.

When I saw an elective on “Psychology of Human Sexuality” in university, I thought, NO WAY – this is THE course for me.

Learning everything from biology to fetishes, birth cycle, pornography and sexual acts made it by far my favourite subject. My approach to human behaviour has always been “anything goes”. I find the diversity positively beautiful.

It wasn’t until I transitioned out of corporate life that I began to consider sexology as a serious career path. I noticed the industry was changing – educated women were starting businesses to change the culture around sex.

It wasn’t sleazy or seedy. It’s about empowerment and I knew I wanted to be part of it.

Then a good friend suggested I do a sex toy party for a bachelorette. So I did!

I discovered that I LOVED holding a space for people to approach sex in a way that’s fun, inspiring and relaxed. So I launched a sexual wellbeing business facilitating sex-positive events and selling curated sex toys.

I learned that most people genuinely want to learn and talk about sex. I also realised because of the taboo surrounding sex, many people are starved for resources and are disconnected from their body, partner and sexuality.

It wasn’t long before people asked if I took private clients for more in-depth sessions and I was pursuing a Masters in Sexual Health Counselling to become qualified sex and relationship therapist.

And now, here I am today with a private practice, helping people to explore their sexuality, rekindle their relationships and have amazing sex.

I also run sexual empowerment events and conferences to create a new dialogue around sex – to help create a world where sex can be celebrated rather than hidden and where worry can turn into wonder.

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