Frequently Asked Questions

+ I've never done this before. Isn't counselling / therapy for people who are weak and can't handle themselves?

There is a misconception and stigma around this, yes. What I've found is that the people who are self aware and committed to a healthy life know when they need extra support, and have the ability to reach out. Life is unpredictable and every now and then, we all need that extra support. What inspires me is how resilient human beings are - seeking support in counselling / therapy doesn't mean you are weak. It means you care about the quality of your life and relationships.

+ What happens in the sessions? What would I have to do?

There is no set formula. The approach I take and your sessions will be tailored to your specific challenges and goals. In general, you can expect to discuss what is currently happening in your life, your personal history related to your challenges, and progress made from the previous session. I will draw on various therapeutic frameworks and methods to help frame our discussions and suggest tools for you to try.

+ Would I need to share about my childhood issues?

You are in control of what you choose to share and not share. Although we may discuss your reasons for not wanting to share as part of the counselling process, I won't ever force you to discuss something you don't want to. Just because it is counselling does not mean that you are an open book and we will explore every single issue. Our discussions will be focused by the challenges and goals that you wish to address in our sessions.

+ How long does it take before I see results?

It depends on the challenges and goals that you want to address. Sometimes, one session is enough to get the answers you need. Sometimes, while you will see results after a few sessions, it may take a few months or longer to reach the outcomes you would like.

+ Is there nudity or touching?

There is no nudity or touching in my practice, as ethically, the counselling profession does not allow for this.

+ Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. That fact that you are a client, as well as the details of our sessions are confidential. This confidentiality is described clearly in the forms that I will send to you before your first session so do read it carefully.